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"Elona Strangled on Back" free preview photo–gallery now in members’ area.
New girls get strangled: coming soon movie! Now 20% discount for pre-orders...

...and why "erotic of strangulation"

the answer is:

lady strangle

(Which makes it even more sensual and sexual, as you will see our models in varying stages of professionally posed and lighted strangulation scenes!) Our strangling images of very beautiful, young women in the progressive stages of strangulation, either by hand or garrote, are sure to excite every person who craves the attractiveness and texture of a woman’s throat as she is strangled. This site is dedicated to the sensuality found in seeing the throats and necks of women posing while being strangled by hand or garrote, and where all your neck fetish dreams can take place:

Some scenes from "making the" new movie | Behind the scenes !

but !

it is for adults and by adults only! Please leave the site if you under age of 21!


the premier web site of it’s kind in the world. It introduce the esthetic of strangulation’ erotic and strangle fetish breath play. All of the images are playful games only; they are a fantasy about the beauty of a woman’s neck as she is strangled by hand or garroted. We feature photo–albums, videos, and CD’s, and other photos in our art gallery of strangling, auto–erotic asphyxia, breath control, carotid holds, and other neck–fetish art as pure necro and SM fiction. Exclusively provided and managed by Marina Pia Asphyxia Erotic Art Studio, Paris