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2 sexy Asian Girls’, "Raimonda vs. Takka — neck fetish" (free preview)

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Some sexy strangle fetish scenes «A n i t a vs. Hara» unknown film.

strangling scenes popuries from Marina Pia Studio 3 films.

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some few images sent by fans of the site...

Sarah’s Neck Fantasy

She straddled her friends chest at the defiant end to a playful struggle, Sarah (who lost) was giggling hysterically and trying (not very hard) to dislodge her friend. The outcome of this was little more than her friend clamping her legs tighter around Sarah’s chest and Sarah (of course) having her hands on her friends thighs in an effort to prize her off. They were both gorgeous young ladies with legs to die for and Sarah without doubt was enjoying the heady sensation of her friends soft silky smooth flesh against her arms…. "Okay ... okay I submit... I give up I am yours…"

Sarah’s neck fetish
[The most complete neck fetish photo-gallery ~ erotic strangulation at 1999]

Well… your struggle has confirmed your guilt, and the sentence is a slow death by strangulation..

And with a sly smile she placed her long fingers around Sarah’s slim sexy neck... Sarah giggled and squirmed... rather surprised and this turn of events and thought little more of it, though the sensation of the fingers on her throat was strangely alluring.... when her friend tightened her grip she unwittingly emitted a small guttural moan... almost immediately the viens about Sarah’s eyes and neck protruded and Sarah felt an incredible sexual pleasure coursing into her brain, increasing with slow pleasure... God, this was so weird. Her friend’s breath was quickening and Sarah could feel her fingers quiver a little as she tightened her grip...

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