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catfight strangle

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So you enticed her to come home with you. She has such a beautiful body and soft blonde hair. She is going to help you live your fantasy. You’ve bought her drinks and watched her lovely throat moving. Now it’s time to touch her. The video stars Sevely as the beautiful young woman and she will be strangled and garroted by Light and more.

I remember seeing Sevely in another of Marina’s videos playing throat games with a model. She was in profile and swallowed. The movement in her throat was slow and easy to see and I almost forgot that she was simply the supporting actress. This video with Sevely and Light changes everything.

It is a catfight of sorts but Sevely quickly becomes the main victim as she is strangled by Light. First hands hold her throat as she fights for breath while asking Light to "please stop". Light also uses a thin black garrote that is so beautiful on Sevely’s white throat. In one scene Sevely has been strangled into unconsciousness and Light makes her next move. She takes the time to feel Sevely’s beautiful throat; her thumbs gliding over the Adam’s apple and squeezing the windpipe. You want those fortunate hands to be yours. There is even a short scene of pillow smothering. Both of these actress/models are beautifully dressed for the occasion. This is the occasion for you to join them.

Marina says, "This is one of the best times I’ve ever had directing a strangling video! Such beautiful women. I know you will love it." High video quality. Only the best in sound. This is one of the best ever from the Marina Pia Art Studios. Add "Sevely Strangled and Garroted By Light [2002]" to your video collection and enjoy. There’s simply no way you couldn’t. AB

Reviewed by Adam Baker